Afraid Your Favorite Show May Get Cancelled? Heres a great way to support its air time!

Want to keep your favorote show on the air? I can actually help you with that!

Fan sites are a really great way to support your favorite shows. I’ve seen some fandoms pull off some crazy, seemingly impossible things, all for the love of their show. Fan sites can help you reach out to others who love that show too. Blogging and connecting on social media can have an affect on those in control when the collective voices of the fandom are heard!

Let us give you that fan site! TV Film News is looking for for fans to be webmasters – to adopt a show and get your site out on Google!

Afraid of the cost and know how? Don’t Be! We pay for the site, the hosting AND give you FREE hands-on training to propell your site to the top and become the #1 fan site in your fandom!

If you’d like some info on how to get started, email me at and I will be in touch! You can also check out the Shows Up For Adoption page to see what shows are available.

Sign up for a site today and you could be up and running in a matter of days with your FREE fan site from TV Film News!


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