Let the Challenge Begin!

10462557_10152256752096989_3916047989916604515_nWe have some really amazing people that have pledged to take the idea of the 6 Month Enlighten Yourself Challenge, truly embracing the spirit and camaraderie of the event. I call it an event because what we are doing is big. So big that it will encompass the next six months (and hopefully beyond) forever altering our perceptions of what life can be.

Remember, it is never too late to join the Challenge! If you want to participate, you can follow this blog, or join our Facebook group and we will update your list to this list to share with all the other members.

So, without further adieu, here are the remarkable lists that our members have created for themselves, and so graciously allowed me to post and share here on NavingatingThePath… Namaste!


Christine Freer-Kebeck
So I have thought about this list, I am going to title it my Summer Top 10:
To completely renovate my kitchen, alongside my husband (this has been a long time dream)
To make my first ever lighting fixture or maybe even 2…lol
To lose 30lbs by December (ok this is more than just summer but it didnt go on overnight ,though I’d like to think it did)
Learn how to cook 2 new and healthy dinners each month.
Exercise at least 3x week
Learn new and effective ways to handle a toddler tantrum in public. (Havent had one in a while but we know it’s out there)
Learn more creative ways to deal with and motivate a tweenage girl, ugh the hormones and the whining!
The joys of getting older, is that a grey hair….wth
Parenting the perfectionist child in todays school, this one will be interesting.
Find new ways to decrease stress. I dont know about everyone else but I tend to internalize stress and seem to keep the calm cool exterior and take it all in to the point of volcanic eruption. I cant be the only one like this…lol


Meghan Weger
July- Juice Two Times a day and eat a healthy dinner
August – Start mediating at least three times a week
Semptember – Plan something special for my 1 year anniversary with Eric
October – Weight lift at least three times a week or do yoga.
November – Write an anxiety journal to find out what causes me to have panic attacks.
Dececmber – Go to the Biltmore and see their Christmas decorations.


Kristin Mastantoni My Top Ten:
– eat healthy, every meal, every snack, every day!* *is for 1 meal once a week as a cheat meal.
– exercise 30-60 min/day and lift weights 5-6 days a week
– study for, take, and pass the PTCB (Pharmacy Tech certification)
– Get a better paying job in Pharmacy or otherwise
– meditate daily and get Piper involved in it too
– do at least 1 activity with Piper every day. No more mindless TV.
– lose 50-75 lbs
– clean up my credit report and save for a new car and/or house
– adopt another rescue dog as a companion for Piper
– less social media, more social life


Jen Sansevere

  • K.I.S.S. My Life – Keep it simple stupid. Stop over complicating things, then using as an excuse to procrastinate. Stop over complicating plans, tasks, daily chores, work, and interactions with the kids.
  • Be Healthier. Exercise more (at least 3x a week); Eat more balanced meals, making sure I am conscious of the nutritional choices and trying harder to include all the necessary food groups.
  • Learn new recipes that encourage and excite my kids to trying new foods.
  • Be more present. Stay mindful that the past is an anchor, the future is unknown. Just be, and enjoy the moment I am living in.
  • Edit my novel. I wrote a book. A story that lived in my head for years, was finally put down and I want to edit it and try and publish it. Again, procrastination has invaded and I keep putting it off with one excuse or another. But, I think it’s decent, and deserves some TLC, so I am going to put aside 3-4 hours a week to edit this monstrosity.
  • Keep in touch more. Call friends, email more, be more social with friends and family. Time is a fickle thing, and you never know how much you have.


Cyndie Corbin Van Bavel
I’ve put much thought into what I know I can accomplish in the next 6 months. I’ve whittled it down to this.
1. Worry less. Have faith in knowing that worry will only cause anxiety and more stress. My faith will grow as I submit more of myself to God and just let him drive.
2. Exercise more. As much as I’ve done well on my weight loss goals I still gave 40 more pounds to go. So is like to lose half that by the end of the year.
3. Finish reading Unglued by Lisa Terkuerst. I swear this woman wrote this book just for me!!
4. Re-consider and commit to getting my MBA


Christine Hartman
My list
* put my needs first and care for myself
* accept compliments and congratulations & Be proud of my accomplishments.
* finish my DIY projects.
* learn how to sew
* read the book that has been sitting on my nightstand for a month!
* lose weight with exercise and eating healthy


Natalja Manger
Here goes my list:
1. Make a decision about my education: will I go to grad school or not, where, and what degree?
2. Make a decision about Foreign Service – do I want to pursue it or not? Have an honest conversation with my husband and make a join decision
3. Pick up learning Arabic again – take a class at my college, give it all I have
4. Exercise with my husband at least 2 times per week
5. Dedicate to going to bed early and waking up early
6. Loose 10 Lb
7. Spend more quality time with my children, go on a fun adventure at least once per month
8. Save enough money for vacation this winter
9. Figure out a house organization/cleaning plan to make the house tidy and clean and alleviate the stress
10. Make a decision about moving or staying in the area


Natalie Jane
1) walk my dog more
2) Practice my new guitar and ukulele everyday for at least one hour (that’s gonna be easy)
3) Find a book on mindfulness and read a few pages every night
4) Exercise, exercise, exercise! (which includes eating healthier too and at home physical therapy)
5) Don’t leave more than 5 dishes in the sink. They must be washed and then put away!


CarolAnn Harkavy
I realized somewhere along the way I stopped doing things that make me happy; I got too involved with worrying about everyone else and trying to keep it together for them. I forgot to make myself important. I’m sure as time goes on this list will grow but for right now I miss:
1. Reading for fun, including books on tape in the car.
2. Taking pictures and updating my scrapbooks. I love them – they are the things I’d rescue in a fire; why did I let them collect dust?
3. Being creative in all ways – papercrafts, needlecrafts, painting
4. Baking…and sharing so I don’t eat it all!
5. Walking, driving to no place in particular, discovering new places…just getting out of the house!
6. Entertaining – filling the house with family, friends & laughter.


Chris Sansevere
Having given much thought, I have my list.
It’s short but, I think we all can agree.
1. No excuses


Adrienne Leary
Challenge accepted! While I do not FB, I would like to post that I have just started a challenging new job and one of my goals is to breach the learning curve over the next 6 months. There is a huge mountain of technical information I must learn, understand and apply in this new position. I am going to be brave, not get discouraged, and challenge myself to be the best I can be in this new career. This 6 month challenge has also inspired me to try and eat healthier, exercise more and to try and take life a lot less seriously 🙂 Better outlook = Better me! Here goes…………….!


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