Shifting Focus to Clarify Your Day Can Make All the Difference…


This morning was one of those mornings where no amount of coffee was going to jump start my day. Late to bed, early to rise is never a good combination, but throw in cranky kids and it is guaranteed recipe for a disastrous day.

Or is it?

Honestly, my answer depends on the day. Today I decided, “Not today.” I just decided it. I decided that I wouldn’t let two rough hours in a morning of a brand new day dictate how I would respond to my kids’ energy and behavior. It wouldn’t ruin how wonderfully hot and satisfying my coffee (finally!) tasted, nor the peaceful feeling I longed for, despite what was happening around me.

find your moment and change gears!

On the wisdom of a close friend, I recalled a mantra she infused into my memory… “shift”. When things energies are low, and vibrations uneasy or off-kilter; when I lose sight of the path I know to be true… shift. Shift your thoughts, energy, vibrations – because ultimately I have the power to do so. I may not have power or control over much in my life, but that… that is something I am the captain of.

What else is there to do but call an audible, and SHIFT.

One of my children was having a bad day. While the other two played quietly and shared nicely, my eldest child (by one minute to that of her twin and 14 months to that of her brother) was demanding attention in the worst possible way. No amount of talking it out, or calm breathing was going to rectify this one.

Action was needed; physical action. Currently, my area of residence is more than knee deep in snow and sub-human temperatures so going outside is not an option. Music and dancing was already attempted to no avail, and I can tell you this tired mommy was not focused enough to develop and new activity.

In an effort to show her something new and fun; something she could really focus on that wasn’t a computer game or a cartoon, I had to find something. In a quick search of my TV provider’s OnDemand programming, I found a FREE set of Yoga videos geared towards children.

I love yoga. It is something I have lost touch with, but have missed desperately. Aside from the laundry list of reasons why going and finding a class to attend is not in the cards right now, this was an answer to my prayers. Complete with basic yoga poses, a fun interactive story and a lesson of friendship, my four year old and I spent twenty minutes going on a grand adventure to the Froggie Olympics.

When we returned, the same child that was crying and hitting me in a rage barely an hour before was smiling, laughing and transformed into a more recognizable version of the radiant little girl she is. She doesn’t know it, but she shifted her attention from the discomfort of unfulfilled desires to the electric vibration of our connected time during this trip to the Froggie Olympics.

Afterwards, I asked her if we could do that together every day. She was beyond ecstatic, answering with a billowing “YES MAMA!”

There was no yelling. There was no bargaining for her cooperation. Just a simple shift in focus.

So, today’s lesson for our family was simple: when things are looking dire, and you feel smacked-down tired, shift your focus to something fun, and a change in vibration can be done.



  1. Wow!!! And that is just one of the many reasons why i love you so much sister, your ability to continue to learn and grow and NOT get stuck in the mud that is always on our paths of life. GREAT POST JEN! And a valuable lesson for many. Thank you đŸ™‚

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