The 6-Month “Enlighten Yourself” Challenge

facebook headerDream Big. Accomplish Much.

After a particularly frustrating day, I started thinking that I really wanted to stop wasting time and do something important for myself. All these scenarios starting popping in my head, and I realized that I just didn’t have the confidence in myself to do it all. Wondering if maybe other people felt the same, I had the idea to start this challenge of sorts.

Think big! This challenge can be whatever you want it to be. This is the time you carve out to enrich yourself. Time for just you to fill your soul with something special. To be the very best version of yourself for your family, friends, and most importantly, YOU. It is important you take the time to do things you’ve always wanted to do. This is your time to do it! Feel free to make your lists fun too, add pictures, memes, videos – whatever moves or inspires you to commit and follow through.

The purpose of this group is to challenge yourself! Follow along with this blog, or by joining our Facebook group and starting on July 1, 2014, the challenge begins! The rules are easy, and the group is here solely for support, encouragement and a place to share your triumphs and troubles.


Here’s the basic idea:

  • Make a list of things you want to accomplish that will enrich your life.
  • The list can be anything from, learning new recipes, making a concerted effort to be nice to a difficult stranger or acquaintance, to going sky diving or making more time to take your kids to the park.
  • Share! Share! Share! The point of the group is to share the experiences, what you’ve learned, challenges you faced or even how you felt during the process. Pictures, videos, your personal blog links on the experience are all welcome!
  • Invite others to join in! Even if they join the challenge after the start date, there is always room for those who wish to enlighten themselves.
  • Only positive, encouraging comments are welcome. Since the whole idea is to better yourself and help others to achieve that same goal, there is no room for trolls or negativity here. Its just not beneficial and no one should be submitted to another’s negativity.
  • If anyone is harassed or trolled by another member, please report it to the administrators and the situation will be handled with as much kindness as we can muster.
  • Have fun! Life is full of stress, anxiety and things we MUST do. This group’s main purpose is to help its members enrich and enlighten their lives, and have a little fun to boot!
  • We reserve the right to add some rules as situations arise, but the most important thing to remember is: ENJOY LIFE!


  1. Challenge accepted! While I do not FB, I would like to post that I have just started a challenging new job and one of my goals is to breach the learning curve over the next 6 months. There is a huge mountain of technical information I must learn, understand and apply in this new position. I am going to be brave, not get discouraged, and challenge myself to be the best I can be in this new career. This 6 month challenge has also inspired me to try and eat healthier, exercise more and to try and take life a lot less seriously :) Better outlook = Better me! Here goes…………….!

  2. Those are all fantastic goals to have, especially when taking on a new and challenging job! Just think, by the time six months are up, you will be a pro at it!! Whenever you feel frustrated or worried that it may be too much, just remember that you have it in you to accomplish anything at any age as long as your heart is in it <3

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