Freelance Services

Navigating the path is more than just a blog about my adventures in starting my own business, but also a way for me to promote my skills and connect with other literary professionals.

Currently, I am looking for projects to add to my portfolio. Creative Writing, Blogging, Content Articles, or a plain old thank you note, as long as I am able to work with words, it is a project that fits my passion. Reading others’ work is also something I would like to add to my portfolio. I am currently enrolled in school working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature.¬†As I am trying to build this portfolio of Edited and Written works, I would like to offer my services to edit your article, short story or letters free of charge. As long as I had your permission to use the piece within my portfolio.

Lately, I have been spending my time as a Webmaster for several TV Entertainment Fansites. Writing for these sites has been a fantastic way to do something I love, which is write, AND get to write about some of my favorite television shows. If you would like to check out any of these sites, check out the list below.

Entertainment Blogs & Sites


NBC’s Revolution

FX’s American Horror Story

The Walking Dead

Supernatural Fandom

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